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Welcome to Bristol Removals

Bristol’s Greatest Removals

We are Bristol’s Greatest Removals and have been working with customers to provide the most efficient removal services available in the Bristol area. Here’s some great advice for our current and would-be customers:

Fridges or freezers

These all should to be switched off, cleaned, drained and left to dry before the arrival of your removal team. To avoid wear and tear, the drums of washing machines must be kept safe with the necessary instructions provided by the producer.


Clothes can remain on coat hangers as removals will offer special cardboards of wardrobe to pack bags and to move elsewhere. In general chests-of-drawers containing clothing can be moved.

Stereo system and PC equipment

This equipment is best in its original packing. The bridge and the arm of your acoustical chain should be kept safe for transport in accordance with instructions before the team arrives.

China / steel / ornaments and pounds

They can be kept in cupboards and shelving ready for our removal team to pack bags (if it was already included in your quote).

Long-term removal

The additional steps must be made with dishwashers, washing machines, fridges and kettles which will be kept more than three months. Washing machines and dishwasher have to be completely drained by some water too as humidity, mildew and the seizure of parties elements can happen when these apparatuses are not used during a considerable term.

Movement of your plants

The paper of packing of your plants in the newspaper protects them from air and stops leaves to be hurt. Once in your new home put them in a hot space and do not unpack them until all unstable activity comes to an end. In warm weather it is recommended not to leave your plants in a hot car or in the sun.

At Bristol Removals we believe in providing the very best service to our customers. That’s why we will deliver all over the country and in some special circumstances, overseas.

Moving abroad is without doubt, a stressful time, but because of our understanding we have removed a lot of the hassle and transformed a stressful experience, into an easy transition.

Being a good moving company we offer all our customers a proper and comprehensive range of services. These involve a total removal and logistics combination to all major destinations around the globe, whether full or part loads. Storage is available be it on a short or long term timescale, either at origin or destination.

Our removals have an extensive network of global associate offices and agents who keep the same high quality of service that is offered by competitors, ensuring an easy and trouble free move throughout.

Our removal company has broad experience of handling moves to and from the continent. We offer easy weekly service to and from Holland, Ukraine and Europe. Our European department helps ease the often difficult documentation needed for the movement of things throughout Northern / Southern Europe and are happy with physical conditions, that country’s customs and official regulations which decide the movement of privately possessed or company possessions.